How to hire a freelance copywriter

Copywriter typing on a laptop keyboard

Looking to hire a freelance copywriter? Here are our top tips for a smooth experience.

  1. Have a creative brief. The most common issue we encounter with potential clients is that they can’t tell us what they want, because they don’t know what they want themselves. Before you approach a freelancer, you need to have a clear idea of your project and why you need a copywriter to work on it. You should also be able to give a sense of your tone of voice – big organisations should have a style guide.
  2. Have all your documents ready. You’ll need to be able to provide a copywriter with notes or draft content for them to work from. Make sure you’ve got this all ready to go – in a Google Drive folder, a Dropbox folder or just a zipped folder you can send across by email. Whichever option you choose, don’t send things across in dribs and drabs.
  3. Have a sitemap. If you’re approaching a copywriter about a website, make sure you’ve got a sitemap so they can see the scope of the job.
  4. Know how you want to communicate with them. If you’re agreeing a project, you need to know what kind of communication you want to have with the copywriter while they’re working on it. Do you want daily updates or weekly? Email or phone? Do you want them to mark their progress against a list of tasks? Or are you happy to just check a Google Drive folder to see what they’ve produced?
  5. Agree how you’ll pay. Agree upfront whether you’re paying by the hour – in which case the copywriter will submit their hours at the end of the project – or a flat fee for the whole job. And understand that if it’s a flat fee, copywriters will want to build in contingency in case things end up taking longer than expected.

If you’re a musician, promoter or other music professional looking for a freelance copywriter, check out our services page for more information about how we can help you.

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